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Board Meeting Minutes - May 18, 2023


CWLA Board Meeting – May 18, 2023, 6:30 pm, Channel Inn

Present: Keith Valentyn, Brian Schultz, James Scholljegerdes, Tim Mathre, Jay Voegele, Tony Langerud, Melissa Lutz; Guests Michelle Voegele, Diane Valentyn

Agenda Items:

  • Cormorant Shoot: Mel shared that the authorities reported a total of 1400 birds eliminated.

  • 2023 Harvesting Project: Tim M. provided an update on the harvest project. We are tentatively scheduling this for late June. Buoys will all need to be in place by then so the harvester knows where to cut pathways along with properties that have requested harvesting of their shoreline area. Tim will email all on the distribution list a reminder of the objectives of the harvesting project along with an invitation to financially support the project. All who live on the water and use the lakes benefit from this project. It is important to also ensure all are aware that weeds are harvested and removed, not cut and left in the lake. Property owners are encouraged to participate and not got at weed elimination on their own; this can add to weeds moving from one part of the lake to another. Boating outside of pathways also add to this as props cut up weeds in areas that are NOT harvested and then float throughout the waterways.

  • Grant Application: Tim M. has been working with local authorities in hopes to secure additional grant money to assist with weed harvesting; these monies are generally available for harvesting of invasive species, which are present in our lakes.

  • Update on 501(c)3 – Keith submitted the application to the state so we should be well on our way to having this official in the near future.

2023 Fundraising:

  1. We set a date for the CWLA Annual Fundraising Celebration; this will be held at the Channel Inn on Saturday, July 15, 2023. Michelle Voegele and Lori Schultz will co-chair this great event and have formed a committee to assist. At this point, the committee is comprised of Michelle, Lori, Keith and Diane Valentyn, Ted and Angie Reiter, Melissa Lutz with room for more. Needed to help make this a successful event are volunteers, sponsors and silent auction items. Please help where you can!!

  2. We also discussed the possibility of a Cash Raffle. Tony will reach out the Faribault Rotary to get some insight on what is needed to set this up as they have been running one for years. Michelle V. will reach out to the Gambling Manager the Channel Inn works with to research additional issues.

  • Buoy System: Brian and Tim M. led this discussion. Brian and Jay led a small but mighty group who placed 18 buoys in the water to mark the main channel. We are considering securing additional buoys to complete the system; at this point, it appears 6 additional markers for the channel would be beneficial along with some type of buoys/markers for the pathways from the main channel out toward the shorelines between Cook’s Point and Doc’s Dock. Brian will update the Buoy Map and will also confirm what type of markers can be used for the pathways.

  • Dam Operations: Keith will reach out to Matt Verdick, Park and Facilities Director for Rice County, who is the person responsible for controlling/managing the dam. This is an important contact to establish and nurture as dam operations can significantly impact water levels in both Cannon and Wells.

  • Boat Access/Landing Maintenance: Tim M. will work to identify who specifically is responsible for the maintenance of the boat access area and the landing itself. Both areas need attention.

Next Meeting: June 15, 2023, 630 pm, Channel Inn.

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