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Board Meeting Minutes - Jan 18, 2024

In attendance: Tim Mathre, Tim Clark, Tony Langerud, James Scholljegerdes

  • Discussed Cormorant shoot

    • Cormorant shoot will cost approximately 6k for 2024

    • Voted and approved so that application can get started

  • Weed cutting is projected to be same cost as last year per address

  • Membership for the lake association is up from last year at 140 people, and we will try to get even more people on board as it is coming up on time for members to pay their 2024 dues

    • Discussed raising membership dues as things are getting more expensive and we would like to do some projects around the lake

      • Ideas include drudging lake access so that boats can more easily get in and out of lake

      • making sure that we have a useable path from the main lake to the Channel Inn

  • Last year membership dues were enough to cover cormorant shoot

    • an additional 2,500 were given in donations above the membership dues

    • Lake weed harvesting has been mostly self sufficient aside from pathway through channel. Association helped to offset this cost.

  • Discussed getting a consulting firm that could give us actionable ideas to reduce weeds in the lake as they have been getting worse over the last couple of years.

  • 501-C3 status is going to be reviewed to make sure that if we need to do anything to keep the status we are in compliance.

  • Projects we will implement

    • We can make 20 homemade buoys for estimated $800 to direct us through the channel.

    • We plan on orchestrating a buoy making party soon to gather people for a fun time making the homemade buoys.

  • Other items discussed were:

    • Fourth of July Boat Parade - do we want to orchestrate something like this for fun?

    • What projects would people around the lake like to see take place?

  • Next Meeting February 22nd (Third Thursday)

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