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Board Meeting Minutes - June 2nd, 2022

CW Lake Association Board Meeting

June 2nd, 2022

6:30PM - Channel Inn

Board Members in attendance: Tony Langerud, Keith Valentyn, Tim Mathre, Brian Schultz, Jay Voegele, Tim Clark

May Meeting Minute: The minutes from the May meeting were approved.

May Financial Reports: The May financial reports were approved. The CWLA has $27,475 in checking and future bills of $21,523.

Expenditures: The board approved sending $50 membership invoices to everyone on the lakes that have not paid 2022 dues. Postage and envelopes will be purchased. We need everyone's assistance with projects on the lakes.

Fundraiser: The 2nd annual CWLA fundraiser will be at the Channel Inn on July 16th from 2-6 with a band to follow. WE ARE LOOKING FOR DONATIONS FOR THE SILENT AUCTION. Please bring them to the Channel Inn or Doc’s Doc by July 9th so they can be marked for the auction.

If you know a business that might be willing to donate please ask. Food will be provided by the Channel Inn and Doc’s Doc, paper goods will be provided by Tony Langerud at State Farm.

Signs: Kieth gave an update on posting signs at the boat landing regarding the lake association. He is working with James on the design of the signs.

Weed Harvesting: Since the board meeting a date of June 16th has been set for harvesting. Brian and Laurie at Doc’s Doc are helping coordinate the launch site for the machine and the dump site.

Next Board Meeting: June 30th 6:30 at the Channel Inn

Prepared By: Tim Mathre - 651-442-9356 -

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