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Board Meeting Minutes - June 15, 2023

In Attendance: Tim Mathre, Tony L, Kent Ross, Kim Halverson kitzman, Kieth V., Melissa

Lutz, Jay and Michelle Voegle, Andrew Scott, Brian Schultz

  • Tim was made official treasurer

  • James was made secretary

  • Cwla is now a non profit with same number as it was in the past. CANNON/WELLS LAKES ASSOCIATION, K-1193

  • ABOUT 150 PEOPLE PAID DUES plus about 2k in extra contributions

    • 22 people contributed money above dues

    • Negative consent for sharing people's names for donations as a way of showing appreciation and recognition. dollar amounts will not be shared.

    • This year we'll do a big thank you for all donations contributors

  • Harvesting

    • Pathway raised about 20k

    • Harvester coming this Saturday 6/17/2023

    • 30 households wanted harvesting

    • 3 people wanted harvesting on Wells

Will reimburse Tim Mathre for buoys that mark cutting paths

  • Discussion of putting buoy map at boat launch with explanation

    • Motion to get signs made and accepted all we're in favor

  • 400 to buy a buoy and get your name on it

    • Actual cost is $500 tut association will pick up 100 for people to encourage more people to donate

    • Goal is 10 more buoys 5 on each side

  • Will also make some pvc buoys and Tim Mathre will head up figuring out how to make them

    • All are invited to help make more at the guidance of Tim Mathre

  • No one talked to the Dam operator. A few people called a few weeks ago and it doesn't look like the dam has been lowered which is good.

  • Lake access paving

    • Kieth will talk to county official and ask about potholes

  • Lake report

    • Rice county would give 5k if DNR will give a letter and DNR won't give letter because you would take out non invasive weeds with invasive weeds which is apparently not good.

    • Curly leaf dies in June supposedly

  • Grants

Tri lakes gave 500 last year and we haven't talked to them this year

  • Tri lakes board meeting is last Tuesday of every month

  • Annual fundraiser

    • Committee met

    • Flyers we're made

    • People will deliver to people and businesses

      • When delivering to businesses we will ask if biz owners will make a donation for silent auction


    • Raffle tickets

      • Will look into raffle rules of cash raffles

      • Michelle will check with state on steps for this

      • Discussed 20, 50, or 100 dollar raffle tickets

    • 200 dollars was voted and approved for fundraising misc

  • Lake report - James will post on website

  • Email list - will be updated

  • Kent will email other resources to be added to website

  • Discussed finding more info on removing muck etc

  • Next meeting July 20th

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