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Board Meeting Minutes - December 12, 2020

Zoom Meeting

Meeting Opened - 8PM

Attendees: Mel C, Tony L, Tim M, Brian S, James S, Jay V, Keith V, Tim C, Tom S (French Lake Assoc)

Tony L reviewed the agenda for the meeting:

● Introductions

● History of Board Creation

● Establish Officers

● Updates

○ Cormorants

○ Weed Harvesting

Treasurer Report: Balance of $3,300

Tony L reviewed the history of what led up to the creation of the CW Lake Association board. The key events included informational mailing and e-mails, zoom meeting with DNR, informational meeting at the Channel Inn and collection of interest surveys.

Slate of candidates was discussed and created:

Tony Langerud -Chair

Keith Valentyn -Vice Chair

Mel Canfield -Treasurer

Tim Mathre -Secretary

Brian Schultz -Board Member

James Scholljegerdes -Board Member

Jay Voegel -Board Member

Tim Clark -Board Member

Pete Degrood -Board Member

Slate was moved by Tim M, 2nd by Brian S - Approved

Mel C provided an update on shooting of Cormorants.

Mel contacted the USDA and if the lockdown on staff lifts prior to May they will be able to harvest 400-800 birds in May. The estimated cost will be $5,000.

To Do:

● Mel and/or Brian will work with the owner of the island to get the proper permit in place.

Tim M provided an update on weed harvesting. We currently have 39 properties that have paid the $35 fee for the DNR permit. There will also be an offshore permit for all harvesting 150 feet from shore. That permit will request 20 acres of harvesting to include access from the 39 individual sites to the main lake west of Cooks point. The timeline estimate is - Deadline for property owners to join the permit would be the end of February, All permits will be submitted in March, All harvesting fees to be collected by the end of April. Final list provided to the harvesting company in May and harvesting in June.

To Do:

● Contact Witte regarding a dump site for weeds.

● Contact the harvesting company to firm up the date and cost of the project.

General discussion included:

● Information from Tom S on French Lake Assoc harvesting program, chemical weed treatment and association dues. Tom will be a great resource as we move forward.

● Other topics included the purpose the the $3,300 from the prior association which was thought to be general funds from dues so the current board will need to approve the use of these funds.

● Survey results. Tim and Tony will compile this information for the January meeting.

● January meeting agenda. We’ll need to discuss association membership and dues. Other agenda ideas should be sent to

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