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Board Meeting Minutes - April 20, 2023

CWLA Board Meeting – April 20, 2023, 6:30 pm, Channel Inn

Present: Keith Valentyn, Tim Clark, Brian Schultz, James Scholljegerdes

Agenda Items:

Final Discussion on Dues, Invoices, Cover Letter: The decision was made to maintain the Membership Dues at $50 for 2023. Tim M. will generate Membership Renewal Notices in the upcoming week. We will look at a possible increase in 2024 if expenses and desired projects warrant it. More discussion to


Cormorant Shoot – From Mel

 USDA has the permit for 1500 birds

 Bill has been paid

 Shoot will be early May.

2023 Weed Harvesting Project – Tim M. will continue to work on this and will provide an update at our May meeting.

Grant Application – Tim M. will report on this in May.

Update on 501(c)3 – Keith V. has been in contact with the Secretary of State and has the paperwork justabout finalized. The Cannon Wells Lake Association non-profit status should be in effect shortly. Keithwill get with Tim M. to gather any additional information needed.

2023 Fundraising – We had a fairly lengthy discussion on this. No decisions were made as additional discussion is needed. We discussed the pro’s and con’s of what we have been doing over the last few years. A small group has worked hard on the Annual Fundraising Event we have had over the last few years. This has resulted in a nice source of funds but also puts significant burden on this small but mighty group. THANK YOU!! We also discussed other options like a cash raffle, gun raffle, and cormorant (duck) drop. This will be a focused agenda item in May. Please come prepared to discuss and make some decisions. We also discussed a separate fundraising program tied specifically to the CWLA Buoy System, seeking donations and buoy naming rights to generate the funds needed to finalize a first-class Buoy System. One final bit of fundraising discussion had to do with having an active 501(c)3 in place as it opens the door to grants and other fundraising possibilities.

Buoy System – Significant discussion was had on this item. The end goal would be to have a first-class buoy system in place through the channel and up to Cook’s Point. In addition, having well marked pathways for boats to move throughout the portion of the lake that has a much higher density of weeds. This system is crucial to help boats navigate and use the entire lake while at the same time minimizing the weed cutting that results from boat props in these areas of higher weed population. Brian is going to research updated costs of proper buoys and lighting. We can then look to finalize this at our May meeting. The goal would be to come up with a comprehensive system with an estimated cost so we can look to properly fund this.

Board Membership – Based on input from all, the following will remain on the board at least for the 2023 season: James, Jay, Keith, Tim M., Tim C., Brian, Melissa, Mel and Tony. Pete is needing to discontinue his board spot as a result of other commitments. In addition, Mel would like to fully remove himself from any Treasurer responsibilities but continue leading the Cormorant project, while remaining on the board; these will be assumed by Tim M. We agreed that the current number of board members is appropriate but we should continue to develop a list of property owners who might be interested in a board position. We also need to establish more official ‘terms’ so we have a rotation of positions that result in 1/3 or 1/2 of the board positions renewing at any given time. We will work on this over the next

several meetings.

Next Meeting – May 18, 2023, 630 pm, Channel Inn.

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