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Board Meeting Minutes - Mach 23, 2021

Zoom Meeting

Meeting Opened - 7PM

Board Members: Tony Langerud, Keith Valentyn, Mel Canfield, Tim Mathre, Brian Schultz, Jay Voegele, Tim Clark, Pete Degrood

Agenda Item 1: Approve February Minutes

MOTION: Accept February Minutes - Approved

Agenda Item 2: Review Membership Form

The membership form created by Tony was reviewed with a couple of minor modifications. The membership will be $50/Year and run from April-March. The forms will be e-mail to the Lake Association contact list and copies will be available at the Channel Inn.

Agenda Item 3: Weed Harvesting Tim provided an update to the board. Three applications have been submitted to the NDR: 1 - Open water harvesting on Cannon Lake 2 - Open water harvesting on Wells Lake 3 - 55 individual properties on Cannon and Wells Lake NOTE: Property owners not on the list can still submit an individual application on the DNR website - for assistance send an email to or call Tim at 651-442-9356

Agenda Item 4: Cormorant Shoot

Mel indicted things are good to go in May unless the covid restrictions are in place.

Agenda Item 5: Lake Association Information

Tim provided an overview to the full board in March of the Google website that contains:

● Lake association email

● List of property owners

● Contact information for 170 property owners

● Harvesting list and contracts

● Other folders in Google Drive with information accumulated in 2020

● Board Information

Agenda Item 6: Discussion of Lake Improvement District (LID)

This is a method of funding lake improvement projects used by many lakes in MN which must be approved by property owners, the DNR and the County Board. The CWLA board will hold public meetings on this funding option once it becomes possible this spring/summer. If you are interested in learning more the following two websites will be helpful:

  • Circle Lake (LID):

  • DNR (LID): ml

This DNR program for lake management will be reviewed over the summer.

Agenda Item 7: Fund Raising

Jay reviewed some ideas for fundraising that could be done in conjunction with the Channel Inn. They are having an Easter parade and will include Lake Association membership flyers with the parade flyers that will be distributed door-to-door. MOTION TO ADJOURN: Approved Submitted: Tim Mathre (651) 442-9356

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