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Board Meeting Minutes - June 17, 2021

Channel Inn

Meeting Opened - 7PM

Board Members: Tony Langerud, Keith Valentyn, Mel Canfield, Tim Mathre, Brian Schultz, Jay Voegele, Tim Clark

Agenda Item 1: Approve May Minutes

MOTION: Accept Minutes - Approved

Agenda Item 2: Association Membership - Tim/Mel

We currently have 114 members and membership donations totaling $7,545 (Updated as of 7-5-21)

Agenda Item 3: Weed Harvesting - Tim

The vendor we hired was not able to service the contract due to the low lake level. The board will hold a special meeting on the 24th to discuss our options. Note from 24th - The board approved the hiring of Lakes Aquatic Weed Removal and keeping the $600 harvesting fee unchanged.

Agenda Item 4: Fundraiser - June 19th - Lori/Michele

The Channel Inn and Doc’s Doc are donating the meat and stuffing for the Hog Roast which will run from 2-6PM. There will be a silent auction from 2-6 and then live music by The Bird Dogs from 7-11. Michele & Lori reviewed what was needed for volunteers, food preparation and the silent auction. An email will be sent out to association members to solicit volunteers. (The lake association raised just under $6,000 at the event)

The next board meeting will be July 22nd 7PM at the Channel Inn.


Submitted: Tim Mathre (651) 442-9356

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