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Board Meeting Minutes - July 21, 2021

Meeting Opened - 7PM

Board Members: Keith Valentyn, Mel Canfield, Tim Mathre, James Scholljegerdes, Tim Clark, Pete Degrood

Agenda Item 1: Approve June Minutes

MOTION: Accept Minutes - Approved

Agenda Item 2: Treasurer's Report - Mel

The association has a $39K balance ($25,800 due for harvesting)

Agenda Item 3: Weed Harvesting - Tim

1 - Motion to approve $25,800 payment to LAWR - Approved

2 - Motion to approve refunds to Wells Lake residents where harvesting was not completed - Approved.

3 - Thank you to Augie for all the help with the project. Ran the shore end of the project, which saved the harvester 30 minutes per load.

Agenda Item 4: Lake Improvement Plan - Tim

The board discussed hiring a company to complete a Lake Improvement Plan (Blue Water Science). You can see an example of what it looks like on the Circle Lake website. The report would be helpful in laying out a long term strategy for the lakes and be helpful in pursuing grant money.

Agenda Item 5: Web Site - James

James showed the board the current website prototype. Our goal is to launch the website in August.

Agenda Item 6: Members Meeting

The members meeting will be September 23rd at the Channel Inn. If you have items for the board to address please email them to

Agenda Item 7: Lake Association gatherings

Keith will look into membership in the Watershed District. We

Agenda Item 8: Old Business

1 - Fundraising - Tim D will contact a firm that runs run/walk events.

2 - Keith will check with the Channel Inn regarding a company that can make signs.


Submitted: Tim Mathre (651) 442-9356

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