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Board Meeting Minutes - January 26, 2021

Zoom Meeting

Meeting Opened - 8PM

Board Members: Mel C, Tony L, Tim M, Brian S, Jay V, Keith V, Tim C, Pete D Guest: Brian Fuchs

Agenda Item 1: Approve December Minute MOTION: Accept December Minutes - Approved

Agenda Item 2: Board contact list To Do:

● Tim M will send current board contact list to full board

Agenda Item 3: Set Date/Time for board meetings MOTION:

Set board meeting at 4th Tuesday of each month:

Approved The board will meet monthly until such time as this is not required.

Agenda Item 4: Association membership Discussion was had regarding what other lake association dues are set at and who should be eligible for association membership.

MOTION: Dues at $50/Year and Membership open to anyone - Approved To Do:

● Tony L will review the Circle Lake membership form and adopt it to our needs

● Brian F will look into accepting dues payments using Venmo (electronic payments)

● Mel C will check into getting an association PO Box

● Tim C will investigate what is involved in putting signage at the boat landing or/and park

Agenda Item 5: Issues from Homeowner surveys

Top two issues were Weed control and Cormorants. Other issues including Dredging, Water depth, Sift, Buoys/Marketers, Cat Tails & Lake Health

Cormorants: Mel C is working on getting the application submitted to the federal government. At this time it’s still unknown if Covid will cause cancellation of the shoot in May.

Weed Harvesting: Tim M currently has 40 properties on the DNR harvesting permit that will be submitted in March. One last attempt to recruit more people will be done in February. We currently have one quote and are awaiting a second quote. The board will select a vendor in February/March for harvesting in June.

The last 3 Agenda items were pushed to February:

● Web site

● Lake Improvement District

● Long term board plan


Submitted: Tim Mathre (651) 442-9356

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