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Board Meeting Minutes - February 23, 2021

Zoom Meeting

Meeting Opened - 8PM

Board Members: Tony L, Keith V, Tim M, Briann S, James S, Jay V

Agenda Item 1: Approve January Minutes

MOTION: Accept January Minutes - Approved

Agenda Item 2: Lake Association Information

To Do: Tim M will provide an overview to the full board in March of the Google web site that contains:

● Lake association email

● List of property owners

● Contact information for 170 property owners

● Harvesting list and contracts

● Other folders in Google Drive with information accumulated in 2020

Agenda Item 3: Lake Association Membership

Tony L is working on a membership form to be approved by the board in March. This will go out by email and be available at Doc’s Dock and The Channel Inn. The annual membership fee was set at $50 in January.

Agenda Item 4: Harvesting Contract Discussion:

Tim M reviewed a spreadsheet of proposals from Underwater Solutions and J&N Weed Harvesting. Assuming 30 properties the cost was estimates were $850 and $550. MOTION: Accept contract from J&N weed harvesting - Approved (This is the same company that does Circle Lake)

Currently 50 property owners have paid $35 to be on a DNR harvesting permit request to be submitted in March. Properties not on the 2021 permit would need to wait until 2022 to be added to that permit request.

The board discussed setting a price for harvesting per property. The direct cost of the 50x100 foot area for each property owner will be $350 plus the additional shared cost to harvest pathways to the main lake will range from $200-300 depending on how many people on the NDR permit move forward with harvesting. The board decided to set the price at $600 and then refund money if more than 30 people move forward with the project. MOTION: Set harvesting price at $600 with refunds any overage collected - Approved

Agenda Item 5: Discussion of Lake Improvement District (LID)

This is a method of funding lake improvement projects used by many lakes in MN which must be approved by property owners, the DNR and the County Board. The CWLA board will hold public meetings on this funding option once it becomes possible this spring/summer. If you are interested in learning more the following two websites will be helpful:

  • Circle Lake (LID):

  • DNR (LID): ml

This DNR program for lake management will be reviewed over the summer.


Submitted: Tim Mathre (651) 442-9356

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