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Board Meeting Minutes - August 26, 2021

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Meeting Opened - 7PM

Board Members: Tony Langerud, Keith Valentyn, Tim Mathre, James Scholljegerdes, Jay Voegele

Agenda Item 1: Approve July Minutes

MOTION: Accept Minutes - Approved

Agenda Item 2: Annual Member Meeting

The board scheduled the Lake Association members meeting for September 23rd at the Channel Inn. Meeting details will be emailed prior to the meeting.

Agenda Item 3: Weed Harvesting 2022 - Tim

The board approved a quote from LAWR for harvesting in June of 2022. Pricing is the same as 2021. I spoke with both Rice County and the DNR about grants available for harvesting. If a lake analysis demonstrates that the lake has Curly Leaf (An invasive species) grant money is available from both the county and DNR to help deal with the issue. Grants ARE NOT available for harvesting coon-tail which is a native species.

Agenda Item 4: Lake Improvement Plan - Tim

A lake improvement plan has the following advantages. Assist the board in creating a long term plan for lake improvement projects. Helpful in being eligible for grants to support these projects. We will get a quote from Blue Water Science for pricing and timeline for getting a plan created for Cannon/Wells lakes.

Agenda Item 5: Web Site - James

The website is up and running at James reviewed the site and the board discussed a few items regarding the site. If you have suggestions for the site email them to The board approved payment of the hosting fee for the web site.

Agenda Item 6: Members Meeting

The members meeting will be September 23rd at the Channel Inn. If you have items for the board to address please email them to

Agenda Item 7: Watershed District

Keith reviewed the watershed district with the board and the board approved the lake association purchasing a membership to the watershed district. One goal is to be aware of what other lake associations are doing regarding lake improvement projects in our shared watershed district.

Agenda Item 8: Lake Association Signage - Keith

The board reviewed samples of other lake signage at boat launches. Quotes will be reviewed at a future meeting with a goal of find ways for promote the Cannon Wells Lake Association.


Submitted: Tim Mathre (651) 442-9356

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